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TTC detours buses during St. Clair / Caledonia construction

The TTC is detouring buses operating along the 47B / C Lansdowne route because of the construction at St. Clair Avenue West and Caledonia Road / Caledonia Park Road.

During this phase of the ongoing project to rebuild the streetcar tracks along St. Clair West, southbound buses cannot easily turn to operate eastward along St. Clair.

So, the TTC is temporarily detouring buses from Yorkdale Station. They operate along their regular route to Caledonia Road and St. Clair Avenue West, then continue:

southward along Caledonia Park Road; and then
eastward along Davenport Road to Lansdowne Avenue,
resuming their regular route southward along Lansdowne.

Southbound buses skip their regular stops on St. Clair Avenue West east of Caledonia Park Road and at Lansdowne Avenue and on Lansdowne north of Davenport Road.

Northbound buses continue to operate along their regular route.