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Designing Transit Cities symposium, November 19, 20

What do great transit cities look like and how can planners design them?

The Designing Transit Cities Symposium is a two-day event with experts from several successful international transit-oriented cities. By taking part, you can hear experts from Paris, Madrid, Zurich, Portland and San Francisco — cities with strong track records in supporting public transit, cities where transit supports good development and good development supports transit.

The out-of-town experts join local politicians, designers and transit experts, including Toronto Mayor David Miller, the chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, Councillor Adam Giambrone and Paul Bedford, a member of Metrolinx’ Board of Directors and the City of Toronto’s former Chief Planner, in series of panel discussions, presentations and workshops.

Although some of the events require admission fees, most events are free of charge and open to all members of the public.

You can find out more about the event, including the full agenda, here.

Several organizations are sponsoring the event, including the City of Toronto, the TTC, Metrolinx, Transport Canada, the Canadian Urban Institute, the Toronto Society of Architects and the Cities Centre at the University of Toronto.