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Toronto Transit Commission agrees to raise fares

Today, Tuesday, November 17, the Toronto Transit Commissioners approved increasing fares on January 3, 2010. The TTC last raised fares in November 2007.

In January, the TTC is increasing adult fares by 25 cents. Tokens will cost $2.50 and cash fares $3. Student and senior fares increase by 15 cents and children’s fares increase by 5 cents.

The Commission limiting increasing the fare for regular Metropasses. It also redefined who qualifies for a student Metropass. Starting September 2010, anyone who has enrolled in a post-secondary degree- or diploma-granting program can buy a Metropass at the student rate. The Commission also limited how much the fare increases for student and senior Metropasses.

Increasing fares helps the TTC gain $45 million in revenue for 2010. The The Commission will review the complete TTC operating budget for 2010 at its December 16 meeting.