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Keele buses detour off Old Weston Road

Transit Toronto readers report that the TTC has been detouring buses operating along the 41 Keele route at least since Thursday, December 17. Ongoing construction of the streetcar tracks on St. Clair Avenue West means that bus operators can’t easily negotiate the sharp right turn from southbound Old Weston Road to westbound St. Clair.

For now, buses serving all branches of the 41 Keele route operate along the same streets.

Southbound buses operate along their regular route to Keele Street and Rogers Road, then detour:

westward along Rogers; and then
southward along Weston Road and Keele Street,
resuming their regular route southward along Keele.

Southbound buses skip their regular stops on Rogers Road, west of Keele Street and opposite Scott Road, and on Old Weston Road south of Rogers, at Lavender Road and Turnberry Avenue, opposite Rockwell Avenue and at St. Clair Avenue West.

Northbound buses reverse this routing.

Northbound buses skip their regular stops on Old Weston Road, north of St. Clair Avenue West, and at Rockwell, Turnberry and Kane Avenues and Rogers Road and on Rogers at Scott Road.