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TTC pilots on-line trip planner

After months of buzz and speculation, including an unofficial preview last week, today, Tuesday, February 2, the TTC officially launched a “beta” (or pilot) version of its on-line trip planner.

You can link to the planner from the TTC home page or you can find it directly at

The trip planner lets you enter information about your trip in “from” and “to” fields. Using the TTC’s schedules, it calculates how long your trip will take and suggests the quickest route to get there. The planner contains data to plan trips to or from more than 1,500 points of interest and most intersections and addresses in the city of Toronto.

When planning your trip, you can choose all or any modes of transit or just a particular combination of modes, such as subway, bus and streetcar. Or, you can choose to travel only on routes that use accessible buses and subway stations with elevators.

You can further filter the planner’s results to include only routes where bike racks are available on buses. If you’re only interested in walking between two points, the trip planner also features walking-only trips less than two kilometres long.

In a media release, the TTC says it designed the planner for accessibility, by asking volunteers and members of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation to test the site.

The TTC also wants your feedback about this version of its trip planner, as it continues to develop it. When the trip planner is complete, it will suggest alternate routes, expand the points of interest list, offer a mobile application and completely integrate with other TTC on-line information, including e-alerts and service changes.

The trip planner was one of the information tools that the TTC announced last week, when it said that it was going to improve customer service. It also announced last week that, later this year, it will make its trip planner data openly available to the public and outside organizations, such as Google, which may develop other applications that TTC passengers can use.

Brampton Transit (“eRide”), Guelph Transit (GT’s planner uses Google maps), Grand River Transit (“EasyGo”), the Hamilton Street Railway (the HSR planner also uses Google maps), Mississauga Transit (“Click ‘n’ Ride”) and York Region Transit (“rideQuest”) already have on-line trip planners.