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TTC agrees to build "suicide barriers" in subway stations

At its meeting on Wednesday, March 24, the Toronto Transit Commission approved, in principle, a plan to install platform screen doors in subway stations along the 1 Yonge - University - Spadina line by 2015.

It didn’t, however, approve the funds to complete the project to build the “suicide barriers”.

According to the Toronto Star, “with the TTC anticipating a $1.5 billion capital shortfall by the end of the decade, the cost of up to $10 million per station has no funding yet. Anything that would add to the capital shortfall would be the responsibility of the province and the city to cover.”

Subway systems in other cities, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Rome use the sliding doors to restrict passengers from entering or exiting subway cars, until the train has completely stopped inside the station. The doors reduce the possibility of people committing suicide by jumping in front of a moving train. (Only some parts of the Paris and Rome subway systems have the barriers.)

Since the doors on the platform and the doors on the subway cars must line up precisely, the TTC can’t install the doors until after it has installed automatic train control signals in the subway. The signals will totally automate the system so that trains stop at the same place in each station every time.

Along with the new signal system, the platform screen doors would also speed up subway service by stopping passengers from jamming the doors and prevent paper and other trash from falling onto the tracks and catching fire.

The TTC expects to install automatic train control between Eglinton and Union Stations by 2013 and between Union and Downsview by 2015.

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