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Rocco Rossi: Expand subway one station at a time

Rocco Rossi would build two kilometers of subway line every year, over the next decade, if Torontonians choose him as their next mayor.

On average, this would mean one station a year. Rossi says he’d probably start by extending the 4 Sheppard subway toward the Scarborough Town Centre, then south to connect with the 2 Bloor - Danforth line.

Rossi says the plan would cost $4.5 billion — which, he claims, the city can afford if it sells Toronto Hydro and other assets, then uses that cash to clear its $2.5 billion debt.

Rossi calls his proposal “Transit City Plus.” In addition to the expanding the subway, Rossi’s scheme includes the current plan to extend the subway north to York University, add more bus routes, develop more commuter rail lines and technologically overhauling the TTC.

You can read more about Rossi’s transit plans by visiting his campaign website here.

From the Transit Toronto newspaper clippings archives, read:

Transit Toronto plans to report on the transit platforms of all candidates for Toronto Mayor before election day, Monday, October 25.

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