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Shorter Transit City lines with fewer stops?

The Toronto Star reports tonight that a Metrolinx plan shows that it has cut the four Transit City lines that the provincial government committed to funding by 22.5 kilometers and about 25 stops since the City of Toronto and the TTC originally announced the lines.

According to the Star, Rob Pritchard, Metrolinx’ chief executive officer, says that the City and TTC agreed to reduce the scope of the projects when they received estimates with more details than they had originally. The new estimates, Pritchard says, showed that the plan would cost about $700 million more than the $8.15 billion the province agreed to provide for Transit City — even before the province announced during its budget in March that it would defer $4 billion from the first five years of funding the projects.

The plan delays construction from two to five years on the Scarborough Rapid Transit, Etobicoke Finch West and Eglinton Crosstown lines and work would not end until as late as 2022. Construction would continue along the Sheppard East line, but the plan would postpone the finish date by about six months.

But Mayor David Miller says the City doesn’t support the plan. In a letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty, copied to city councillors Wednesday, Miller says that delaying and reducing the lines affects Toronto’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods.

The Star quotes Stuart Green, a spokesman for Mayor Miller, who said tonight that the City would never have agreed to the revised Metrolinx plan that was attached to Miller’s letter.

Miller’s letter asks the premier to reconsider a proposal that Toronto take on the financing of the first five years of Transit City, with the agreement that the province will repay the money later. But Prichard has said that doesn’t help reduce the provincial debt-load.

In the Star article, Prichard says that, as Metrolinx introduces its Investment Strategy in 2013, it can continue to phase in the lines.

Here’s how the Metrolinx plan affects the lines (according to the Star):

Sheppard East

Original plan:

  • Don Mills to Meadowvale
  • Open 2013
  • 13 kilometers, 30 stops

Metrolinx plan:

  • Don Mills to Conlins (rest deferred)
  • Open mid-2014
  • 13 kilometers, 29 stops.
Scarborough RT

Original plan

  • Kennedy to Malvern Town Centre
  • Open 2015
  • 12 kilometers, 10 stations

Metrolinx plan

  • Kennedy to Sheppard (rest deferred)
  • Open 2020
  • 9.5 kilometers, 8 stations
Etobicoke - Finch West

Original plan

  • Yonge to Humber College
  • Open 2013
  • 17 kilometers, 30 stations

Metrolinx plan - Keele to Humber College (rest deferred) - Open 2019 - 11 kilometers, 20 stops

Eglinton Crosstown

Original plan

  • Pearson Airport to Kennedy
  • Open 2016
  • 33 kilometers, 41 stops, including 13 underground.

Metrolinx plan

  • Jane to Kennedy (rest deferred)
  • Open 2019 to 2022
  • 20 kilometers, 28 stops, including 14 (?) underground.

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