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New fareboxes in St. Catharines, starting July 10

Starting Saturday, July 10, all St. Catharines Transit Commission buses start carrying new fareboxes.

The new boxes will accommodate “ride cards”, which the SCTC is introducing this fall to replace tickets and passes.

In the meantime, when you board a bus, just hand your tickets to the driver who will collect them manually.

The new fareboxes can accept bills and all coins except pennies. It will reject pennies, United States or other non-Canadian coins and parking coins. You’ll find the rejected coins at the bottom of the farebox.

You can use a weekend family pass to pay your fare at the new fareboxes. Simply slide the pass across a reader on the top of the farebox. Insert the pass card with the magnetic stripe down and the coloured side toward the driver. Slide it from left to right to register your fare.

A dispenser at the top of the farebox issues transfer tickets if you want to travel on more than one SCTC bus during your trip. When you do board a second bus, you can insert the transfer into the same slot on the farebox of the second box to register your fare. The farebox will then return the transfer to you.

You can find out more about the new fareboxes here. (.pdf)

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