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Help shape the future of land use and development
near Hamilton's east-west rapid transit line, January 11

Last fall, the City of Hamilton hosted several focus-group meetings to help City staff develop a plan for developing and using land near the future B-Line east-west rapid transit corridor.

At those meetings, members of the public living in neighbourhoods near the corridor told staff how they see the future of their communities.

Now the City is holding a “corridor-wide visioning workshop” to present the results of the earlier meetings to the participants and to gather more ideas. Next Tuesday you can hear what people in other neighbourhoods are saying about the corridor. You can also take part by talking about how you see the future of your neighbourhood and other communities along the corridor.

The City wants to develop a long-term strategic plan to guide future growth along the future B-Line on Queenston Road, Main Street East, King Streets East and West, Paradise Road South and Main Street West between Eastgate Square and McMaster University. The study will

  • recognize and support the future well-being of nearby neighbourhoods, and
  • support the future rapid transit line

along the corridor.

The City recently completed the “B-line Corridor Opportunities and Challenges Study”. The study examined each future station area along the corridor, highlighting key information about the area near each station. You can see the report here. (.pdf)

The workshop takes place:

Tuesday, January 11,
From 6 until 9 p.m.,
Hamilton Convention Centre
Albion Rooms
1 Summers Lane
(west of James Street South between Main and King Streets West)

City staff encourage people interested in participating to let the City know that they plan to attend. That way, staff can make sure they have enough room for everyone who wants to take part. You can let the City know you’re going by e-mailing:

Phone: Christine Newbold at 905-546-2424 x1279.

You can find out more about Hamilton’s light rail transit project here.