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In the news: Thursday, January 6, 2011

Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area media report on public transit issues today.

Greater Toronto Area

  • Blog TO post, “Transit City map propaganda comes under criticism”, here.
  • Blog TO post, “Is the phrase ‘war on the car’ a Toronto thing?”, here.
  • CBC Toronto News, “Ford’s subways pricier, reach fewer than LRT”, here.
  • Citytv News, “New Study Says LRT Better Than Ford’s Subway Plan”, here.
  • CTV Toronto News article, “Study backs Toronto’s LRT plans over subway concept”, here.
  • Eye Weekly article, “The People’s Republic of Toronto”, here.
  • Global Toronto article, “Study backs Toronto’s LRT plans over subway”, here.
  • Global Toronto photo / timeline / article, “The evolution of the TTC”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “The TEA and Pembina transit reports, debunked”, here.
  • Globe and Mail column, “Ford’s condemnation of St. Clair streetcar is off-track”, here.
  • Inside Toronto article, “Light rail a better option for transit, Toronto Environmental Alliance says”, here.
  • National Post article, “Light rail would produce ‘more winners’ than subway: environmentalists”, here.
  • Open File Toronto post, “How many schoolkids near diesel trains? Try 25,000” here.
  • Steve Munro’s post, “A Grand Plan: 2011 Edition”, here.
  • Torontoist post, “Streetcar Apps to Make your Ride a Little Easier”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Subways would cost more and serve fewer, think tank says”, here.
  • Toronto Star editorial, “How to bring Rob Ford’s transit plan into reality”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “Ford’s subway plan not cost efficient: Group”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “Ford pledges to build subways”, here.
  • Toronto Sun editorial, “Why link to Pearson is wrong project”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “TTC customer service plan being prepared”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “New subway cars arrival still unscheduled”, here.

Elsewhere in the Golden Horseshoe

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