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Poll shows Torontonians support light rail
-- if it's underground

Leger Marketing recently conducted a poll that shows that 65 per cent of those it surveyed believe that the Transit City light rail plan was an effective step forward in developing public transportation in Toronto. However, 44 percent of the people responding to the same poll voted in favour of the City of Toronto building Rob Ford’s subway plan while 40 per cent think that the City should build light-rail transit lines.

A sample of 550 Toronto residents, 18 years of age or older completed the survey on-line from January 12 to January 16.

The survey, “The future of Transit in Toronto” reveals:

  • Almost two thirds (or 65 percent) saw the TTC’s “Transit City” plan as an effective step forward, while 18 percent disagreed.
  • Most people (62 percent) would oppose canceling or changing the current plan if it means higher costs or a longer wait to get new transit.
  • The survey participants split almost evenly on whether to build subways or light rail transit in Toronto.
  • Most people (89 percent) agree that transit plans should not change every time that a new government is elected to make sure that Toronto meets its long-term transit needs.
  • Another four out of five Toronto residents (83 percent) would like to see a good mix of subways, light rail, streetcars and buses in various neighbourhoods.
  • Two in five Toronto residents (44 percent) feel that traffic congestion would be helped by putting light rail underground.

You can read the complete survey here. (.pdf)

Leger has not revealed which group or company hired it to conduct the poll.