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Peterborough to hold second meeting on proposals
to cut bus service

The Peterborough Examiner reports — and Transit Toronto reader Trevor Harris confirms — that so many people attended a meeting last night to review proposals to decrease transit service that the City has decided to continue the meeting in a larger venue tomorrow, Thursday, January 27.

More than 200 people crowded the Council Chamber in Peterborough City Hall as the City of Peterborough’s budget committee met to consider Peterborough Transit’s plan to decrease service on all routes Saturdays and Sundays, eliminate service entirely on one route on Sundays and reduce Monday-to-Friday rush-hour service on another.

The raucous crowd spilled over into the halls outside the council chamber. The meeting chair, Councillor Henry Blake tried to maintain control of the gathering as members of the public sang “The Wheels on the Bus”, applauded and made outbursts. Peterborough City Police officers showed up about halfway through the meeting City police officers showed up part way through the meeting. They stayed outside the council chamber with the crowd in the hallway and the foyer.

The committee heard from Council heard from 29 speakers last night, including 21 people who opposed the City cutting any transit service.

Peterborough City Council wants to cut $422,000 from the city’s $9.8-million budget for public transit — but the lost revenue from reducing service hours would decrease the actual savings to $303,000. The goal is to lower the all-inclusive property tax increase for a typical homeowner to 1.335% from the 3.2% that council originally considered in December.

The committee again meets to consider the proposals for reducing transit services on Thursday, January 27, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Evinrude Centre, 911 Monaghan Road, north of Lansdowne Avenue West.

The City is operating free transit service to and from the Evinrude Centre before and after the meeting. You can ride buses operating along the 8 Monaghan route free of fare after 5:20 p.m. if you tell the driver you’re heading to the budget meeting.

You can read the article from the Peterborough Examiner here.