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TTC updates e-alert system to let you choose
what information you receive -- and when

The TTC today updated its e-alert service, letting you to choose — or filter — specific subway, bus or streetcar routes in your profile to receive notices about delays only along those routes.

If you’re already an e-alert subscriber, you’ll continue to receive all e-alerts for all routes — unless you decide to edit your profile and restrict your information only to specific routes. If you’re a new e-subscriber, you can choose to select specific routes only; otherwise the system will default and send you all e-alerts the TTC produces.

The TTC issues e-alerts during rush hours if it expects a delay or diversion will last more than 15 minutes. It issues e-alerts after 30 minutes during all other times of the week, including weekends and holidays.

The TTC hopes to improve the e-alert system even more in the coming weeks. It plans to include a function to manage multiple e-mail addresses and introduce an e-newsletter that you can subscribe to, using the same profile that you adopt for e-alerts. The e-newsletter will contain information about upcoming service changes, construction, events and festivals in Toronto and various TTC plans to improve its services.