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Peterborough City Council decides not to cut transit

A grass-roots campaign to protect Peterborough Transit services from the budget chief’s axe has resulted in Peterborough City Council deciding to maintain its transit system without cutting the service.

Originally, Peterborough Transit proposed decreasing all services on weekends and making other changes to reduce its operating budget and keep Peterborough within its target not to increase property taxes by more than 1.3% this year.

That didn’t sit well with indignant transit users who overwhelmed a meeting of the city’s budget committee on Tuesday, January 25. So many people crowded into the council chamber at City Hall to speak on the proposal, that the committee voted to continue the meeting in another, larger venue — the Evinrude Centre, an arena — on Thursday, January 27.

In the end, Council approved a budget that resulted in increasing taxes by just 1.8 percent. It also voted in favour of hiring consultants to review Peterborough’s transit system to figure out future service changes.

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