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"Save Transit City" group canvasses Finch West, February 5

In a recent “torontoist” blog post, reporter Desmond Cole visited Finch Avenue West and discovered that, while the crowded buses along the 36 Finch West route frustrate and anger many, few transit passengers knew about the Transit City proposal to build a light rail line along the street.

Now, the “Save Transit City” group is organizing volunteers to canvass the Finch West area on Saturday, February 5, to gather support for the Transit City network of light-rail transit lines in Toronto.

Volunteers will go door-to-door in Ward 23 Willowdale to explain to residents the benefits of the proposal and how it would affect their commute.

The groups points out that

“Current discussions about a revised transit plan miss a very important point — that the TTC’s #1 busiest transit route in 2009, the 36 Finch West, may not get any rapid transit this generation, after neighbourhoods along Finch West were promised a few years ago.

“After decades of neglect, and being treated like second class citizens, it’s time Finch Avenue West got some political support to stand up for their needs. Let’s not sacrifice the transit future of Finch West neighbourhoods at the whim of motorists.”

The group wants volunteers to meet them inside Finch Station bus terminal, at the 36 Finch West platform at 1 p.m.

Canvass organizers will brief you on the issue and provide you with canvass kit that includes instruction on what to say at the door, the answers to “frequently asked questions” and a map.

You can learn more about the “Save Transit City” group on Facebook, here.