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A visit to McCowan carhouse
-- and a reminder about our archives

Last week on Saturday, January 29, Transit Toronto webmaster, James Bow, joined an official TTC tour to visit McCowan Carhouse, the storage and maintenance facility for the Scarborough RT trains.

For rail and transit fans, McCowan may now, arguably, be the most interesting of the TTC’s carhouses — because it — and the vehicles it serves — may not be around in the near future. The Transit City light-rail transit plan intended to turn the Scarborough RT into a regular light-rail transit line — and a new maintenance facility on Sheppard Avenue East at Conlins Road would serve that line. On the other hand, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford campaigned on a platform that would see the RT become a subway, with a yard for new subway trains…somewhere else.

James has now updated our archival article about the carhouse and posted new photos of the facility and the trains inside. You can read his McCowan article here.

He’s also updated our route history of the Scarborough RT here.

You can learn more about Toronto’s subways and rapid transit lines here. (This page features a great photo of two RT trains inside McCowan carhouse.)

While you’re looking inside the Transit Toronto archives, don’t forget that we have a treasure-trove of information on Toronto’s transit history. You can learn more about the various vehicles, loops, garages, yards that have served Toronto transit riders for more than 100 years.

You can also learn — a lot — about the history of individual subway, streetcar, trolley bus and bus routes. For example, bus route experts, Peter Coulman, Jeffrey Kay and James Bow, have been so busy over the past few months that our bus route history archive now contains as many as 153 route histories!

You can read the latest bus route history, 32 Eglinton West, by Jeffrey Kay, here.