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HSR revises route, increases service to Mohawk College,
starting February 14

The Hamilton Street Railway is revising service along its 20 A-Line express route Mondays to Fridays during rush hours, starting Monday, February 14.

On Monday, buses operating along the route start serving the new MacNab Terminal. They’ll also serve all local stops between Mohawk College’s Fennel Campus and the terminal. Buses continue to operate express — dropping off and picking up passengers only at a few stops — between Mohawk College and John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport.

By revising the route so that buses serve local stops north of the campus, the HSR hopes to improve service for the increasing number of passengers traveling between the college and lower Hamilton.

Buses operating along the 20 A-Line express and 35 College routes together drop off and pick up passengers at local stops about every 15 minutes between the campus and downtown Hamilton.

HSR buses operating along the 21 Upper Kenilworth and 33 Sanatorium routes also link downtown Hamilton and the intersection of Fennel Avenue West and West Fifth Street, just north of the campus.

20 A - Line express

Starting Monday, February 14, northbound buses operate along their regular route King Street East and Hughson Street North, across from Gore Park, then continue:

westward along King Streets East and West; and then
southward along MacNab Street South, into the MacNab Terminal,
ending their trips at platform 6.

(Buses operating along the 35 College route — which also link downtown Hamilton and Mohawk College — also drop off and pick up passengers at platform 6.)

Buses still operate express from the air terminal to the college, dropping off and picking up passengers only at stops

  • on Upper James Street at Twenty, Rymal and Stone Church Roads East, south of the Lincoln C. Alexander Parkway (the “Linc”), at Mohawk Road East and across from Monarch Road (at Mountain Plaza).

After leaving Mohawk College’s Fennel Campus, buses now drop off and pick up passengers at local stops

  • on West Fifth Street at Fennel Avenue West and north of Brantdale Avenue,
  • on St. Joseph’s Drive east of James Street South,
  • on John Street South at Young Street, Charlton Avenue West, across from Haymarket Street (Hamilton GO Centre) and at Jackson Street East,
  • on King Street East at Hughson Street South and
  • at platform 6 in MacNab Terminal.

Southbound buses start their trips from platform 6 in MacNab Terminal, then proceed:

eastward along Main Street West to James Street South,
resuming their regular route southward along James South.

Southbound buses provide local service between downtown Hamilton and Mohawk College, dropping off and picking up passengers at stops:

  • on James Street South at Jackson Street West, Hunter Street West (across from the Hamilton GO Centre), Robinson and Markland Streets and
  • on West Fifth Street across from Brantdale Avenue and at Fennel Avenue West.

South of the college, buses operate express — dropping off and picking up passengers only at stops

  • on Upper James Street at Monarch Road (across from Mountain Plaza), Mohawk Road West, south of “the Linc”, at Stone Church, Rymal and Twenty Roads West and at the Munro air terminal.