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No YRT strike

York Region Transit and Viva passengers don’t have to worry about a strike affecting their daily commutes in the near future.

Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113 yesterday, Friday, February 25, voted to approve a contract offer from their employer, Veolia Transport Canada. The local represents drivers and mechanics in YRT’s southwest division.

The workers had been without a contract since last summer, when they joined the union. The members approved the offer 114 to 83.

The agreement gives them a 10.5 per cent raise over four years, allows four paid sick days annually, increases health benefits, recognizes seniority and provides a signing bonus of $600 for each worker.

Employees originally voted to reject the agreement then petitioned the union for another vote.

The Globe and Mail reports that yesterday, Bob Kinnear, president of the Local 113, which also represents TTC employees, wrote that the members had at first misunderstood parts of the agreement. According to the Globe, Kinnear did not say what exactly they had misunderstood or how the problem came about.

Veolia is one of four contractors supplying transit services to YRT and York Region.