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Automatic video surveillance starts on MiWay buses,
March 15

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15, MiWay is activating video / audio surveillance systems on its buses to improve the safety and security of passengers and drivers, while protecting their rights to privacy.

Many transit systems around the world have installed surveillance systems in vehicles to effectively help detect crime and prosecute offenders.

(Assaults against transit vehicle drivers are increasing and the surveillance systems may help reduce the number of these offenses or help police nab the perpetrators. Edmonton Member of Parliament Brent Rathgeber is proposing to change the Criminal Code. Bill C-637, a private member’s bill, would make judges consider any attack against a transit operator an aggravating circumstance, likely resulting in longer jail time for offenders.)

MiWay is activating the new systems on 57 buses tomorrow and will have installed and activated the systems on all buses in the fleet by December.

The City of Mississauga’s City Council approved the City’s Video / Audio Surveillance Policy, at its meeting of September 29, 2010. The policy allows the City to use the information it collects from the surveillance:

  • to provide law enforcement agencies with evidence about an incident they are investigating;
  • to investigate critical bodily injuries;
  • to respond when a member of the public has requested information under the requirements of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA);
  • to help City and other staff investigate an insurance claim that a member of the public has filed against the City.

The TTC and some other local transit agencies have already installed surveillance systems in streetcars, buses and subway trains, and the systems are already helping reduce crime on the transit system and helping the police to identify suspects.