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Spruce Avenue construction resumes,
Burlington Transit detours buses, starting March 21

The City of Burlington is closing

  • Spruce Avenue between Appleby Line and Linwood Crescent

for a project to replace the storm sewers and repair the culvert at Appleby Creek. During the construction, from Monday, March 21 until Friday, April 1, Spruce Avenue will be impassable to traffic. After completing the storm sewer and culvert work, the City will start to rebuild the roadway, with construction likely continuing on this second phase of the project until Thursday, June 30.

Burlington Transit is detouring buses operating along the 10 New route while the road is closed.

10 New

From Monday, March 21 until Thursday, June 30, inbound buses operate along their regular route to Appleby Line and New Street, then detour:

eastward along New; and then
southward along Hampton Heath Road,
resuming their regular route southbound along Hampton Heath.

Inbound buses skip their regular stops

  • on Appleby Line at Cottonwood Drive,
  • on Spruce Avenue east of Appleby Line, across from Meadowhill Road, at White Pines and Cheltenham Drives and across from Bevan Drive.

Outbound buses operate along their regular route to Hampton Heath Road and Spruce Avenue, then detour:

northward along Hampton Heath; and then
westward along New Street to Appleby Line,
resuming their regular route northward along Appleby.

Outbound buses skip their regular stops

  • on Spruce Avenue at Bevan and White Pines Drives, Meadowhill Road and Appleby Line and
  • on Appleby Line at Fern Drive and New Street.

The detour continues until Thursday, June 30.

You can see a map of the detour here.

The City previously closed Spruce Avenue between Hampton Heath Road and Appleby Line — and Burlington Transit detoured buses — from Monday, July 12 until November 2010.

Inbound buses operate toward Burlington GO Station.

Outbound buses operate toward Appleby GO Station.