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TTC hires Chief Customer Service Officer

Last August, the TTC’s customer service advisory panel released a lengthy report recommending 78 ways to “fix” the TTC. First and foremost among the recommendations? That TTC hire a chief customer service officer to improve relations between the transit agency and its passengers.

Today, the TTC acted on that recommendation, by announcing that it was hiring Chris Upfold as its first Chief Customer Service Officer.

Upfold, a Canadian, has spent almost 10 years working in the United Kingdom for London Underground in various positions. Most recently, as Head of Revenue and Inclusion, he was responsible for planning, developing and delivering programs to improve how passengers perceived the “Tube”, one of the world’s oldest subways. Upfold also headed London Underground’s Customer Experience department, where he helped increase customer satisfaction, particularly in how the service delivered information and engaged its employees. The London Underground has an annual ridership of just over 1 billion rides.

Upfold will begin his new role on May 30. As the TTC’s first Chief Customer Service Officer, he will focus on engaging customers and developing training and strategies to improve the TTC experience for its 1.5 million daily riders.

The TTC struck the independent customer service advisory panel just over a year ago .

We note that London Underground’s 1 billion annual riders means that the subway in London carries almost twice as many passengers each year as the TTC does on all of its transit vehicles, including subways, rapid transit trains, streetcars and buses. (The TTC is North America’s third largest transit system and carries 1.5 million riders annually).