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"Beware the ends of March"
-- usually they mean news for transit passengers

Thanks to Aaron Adel for suggesting this post.

In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, a fortune-teller warns the emperor “to beware the ides of March” — the ‘ides’ was the middle of the month, March 15. The seer is right to warn Caesar: assassins murder him that day.

Did psychics — or transit historians — warn Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to beware the ends of March? Did the premier and mayor deliberately, or just coincidentally, choose last Thursday to wander through the Wilson Carhouse and announce Toronto’s new transit plan?

In making transit news on Thursday, March 31, McGuinty and Ford added their announcement to a long list of major transit events that have occurred at the end of March:

Beware the ends of March: it means news — usually good news — for transit passengers.