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You can track federal party positions on transit issues
at the Canadian Urban Transit Association website

Thanks to Laurence Lui for suggesting this post.

An election campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness about transit and its numerous benefits to your community, the economy and your quality of life.

The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) wants Canadians to keep up to date on what candidates and parties think about public transit and transit issues during the federal election.

CUTA is issuing weekly bulletins outlining each party’s position on urban transportation issues and linking to news articles that discuss how the election relates to public transit.

You can see this week’s election update bulletin here.

The transit association has also developed an election toolkit to help you engage with your local candidates. The toolkit summarizes CUTA’s key positions and includes tips to help you get involved. As in past elections, CUTA will also analyse party platforms and write to all leaders to clarify their positions about public transit.

You can see the election toolkit here. (.pdf)