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See the design for the future Steeles West Station,
tonight, April 28

The entrance into the future Steeles West Station from the TTC bus terminal on the south side of Steeles Avenue West — as you would see it from York University.

The TTC invites you to drop by an open house tonight, Thursday, April 28, so you can look over the (probably) final designs for the future Steeles West Station.

The new station is an important part of the TTC and City of Toronto project to extend the Spadina leg of the 1 Yonge - University - Spadina subway northwest from Downsview Station to York University and the Vaughan Corporate Centre. The station lies on the north west edge of York’s Keele Campus at the corner of Steeles Avenue West and North-West Gate. TTC buses would operate to and from a terminal on the south side of Steeles West, while York Region Transit buses would operate to and from a terminal on the north side.

Transit Toronto readers with long memories may remember that the TTC hosted earlier public open houses for the station on Wednesday, February 3, Wednesday, March 10 and Wednesday, April 28, 2010 — but with a completely different design. It also held another public meeting about this design on Wednesday, March 9.

Since submitting the original design, TTC staff identified property constraints on the north side of Steeles Avenue that required the TTC to relocate the station’s main entrance, reconfigure its north end and the York Region Bus Terminal, relocate the TTC traction power substation to grade level and redesign the light cone. To improve how TTC buses operate to and from the station terminal, the TTC also added a new east-west road linking Northwest Gate to Track & Field and another bus driveway from Northwest Gate to the north end of the bus terminal to the plan. It also redesigned the two entrances on Steeles Avenue.

The TTC awarded a contract for designing the station to The Spadina Group Associates design team, including Richard Stevens Architects and Will Alsop. (Torontonians probably know Alsop best known for designing the recent addition to the (OCAD) University.) The team is also designing the future Finch West Station two stops further south along the new subway line.

The open house takes place from 7 until 9 p.m. at:

Driftwood Community Centre, Gym,
4401 Jane Street (south corner of Driftwood Avenue).

TTC staff will also display the designs for other future stations along the line.

Getting there by public transit:

  • TTC’s 35 Jane bus from Jane Station or 108 Downsview from Downsview Station.

The entrance into Steeles West from the north side of Steeles Avenue West, with the YRT bus terminal behind.