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Light rail transit -- for dummies

If you read our daily ‘in the news’ feature and our regular information updates, you already know that the issue of whether to build light rail transit (LRT), bus rapid transit (BRT) — or no rapid transit at all — is a major issue for Waterloo Region taxpayers, its media and municipal staff.

Here in Toronto, even though the City has abandoned its plans for the Transit City network of light rail transit lines, the debate about whether to build LRT or BRT — or nothing — along Finch Avenue West is just starting and promises to enflame passions among politicians and area residents over the next few years. Similar debates are taking place elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe, with Mississauga, Brampton and Hamilton all getting ready to build light rail transit lines — or not.

With all the debate about rapid transit in Waterloo, the people at Snapsort, a Waterloo-based start-up company, felt that people were missing all the facts. So they put together a informative infographic in support of light rail transit. Even though the information specifically targets Waterloo Region, Hamiltonians, Bramptonians, Mississaugans — and Torontonians — should take note of the facts and help guide their own municipal politicians to make better decisions about their own transit futures.

Waterloo Region rapid transit options
Snapsort’s LRT for Dummies Infographic

(Snapsort tells us their business helps make choosing the right product or service easier for consumers around the globe. Since launching its digital camera recommendation site last year, Snapsort has helped millions of users find the right camera for them.)