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TTC operates accessible buses along three more routes,
starting June 19

Starting Sunday, June 19, the TTC revises its routes and services and also expands its accessible bus network by three more routes:

71 Runnymede
77 Swansea
90 Vaughan

All buses operating along the routes will be wheelchair- and scooter-friendly seven days a week.

The TTC is equipping also equipping all buses on all of these routes with bike racks.

Ninety percent of the TTC’s bus routes are now accessible.

Low-floor, kneeling buses with lifts or flip-ramps serve the routes. Blue lights on either side of the front destination sign help you identify these buses. The buses also display the blue international wheelchair symbol above the front right bumper next to the entrance door.

All fully accessible buses include two wheelchair / scooter positions. The TTC now has more than 1,400 accessible buses in its fleet.

You can find out more about the TTC’s accessible services here.

You can see a map of accessible TTC bus routes here. (.pdf)

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