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Buses replace subway between Pape and St. George Stations,
Before noon, June 26, July 10, August 28, September 25

On five Sundays this summer and fall, the TTC is repairing the subway tracks beneath the Prince Edward (Bloor) Viaduct.

Before noon Sundays, June 26, July 10, August 28 and September 25, trains operate along the 2 Bloor - Danforth subway line only between Kennedy and Pape Stations and between Kipling and St. George Stations.

The TTC will operate frequent shuttle buses will between St. George and Pape Stations. The buses stop on Bloor Street or Danforth Avenue near all stations between Bedford Road and Pape Avenue. The buses drop off and pick up passengers at St. George and Pape Stations at the bus bays inside each station’s bus terminal.

Since Pape is not an accessible station, accessible shuttle buses operate between St George and Main Street Stations. (Main Street is the next accessible station east of Pape.) The accessible buses stop at Broadview and Bloor - Yonge Stations. At St. George, Broadview and Main Street stations, passengers board the accessible buses inside the bus terminals. At Bloor - Yonge Station, passengers must board the accessible shuttle buses on Bloor Street.

Regular subway service resumes at noon each Sunday.