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Thorncliffe Park buses head for Donlands Station,
starting June 26

Update — Tuesday, September 6, 10:03 a.m.: The buses have resumed regular service to and from Pape Station, instead of Donlands Station.

The TTC is continuing its project to upgrade Pape Station. This week, contractors start repaving the roadways inside the bus terminal, requiring the TTC to detour buses operating along the 81 Thorncliffe Park route. Although the construction doesn’t start until Monday, June 27, the TTC starts detouring the buses tomorrow, Sunday, June 26.

(The absence of the Thorncliffe Park buses also conveniently makes room for the shuttle buses that replace the 2 Bloor - Danforth subway between St. George and Pape Stations tomorrow morning.)

81 Thorncliffe Park

Starting Sunday, June 26, southbound buses operate along their regular route to Millwood Road (Leaside Viaduct) at Pape and Donlands Avenues, then proceed:

southward along Donlands Avenue; and then
westward into Donlands Station bus terminal,
ending their trips.

Southbound buses skip their regular stops

  • on Pape Avenue south of Hopedale Avenue, at Minton Place, O’Connor Drive, south of Torrens Avenue, at Cosburn, Floyd and Mortimer Avenues, across from Aldwych Avenue and at Canning Avenue and
  • in Pape Station bus terminal.

Instead, southbound buses drop off and pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on Donlands Avenue south of Pape Avenue, at Elmsdale Road, O’Connor Drive, Torrens, Cosburn, Floyd, Mortimer and Sammon Avenues, south of Somers Avenue and at Baltic Avenue and
  • in Donlands Station bus terminal.

Northbound buses reverse the detour routing.

Northbound buses skip their regular stops

  • in Pape Station bus terminal,
  • on Pape Avenue at Selkirk Street, across from Fulton Avenue, at Mortimer, Floyd and Cosburn Avenues, north of Torrens Avenue, at O’Connor Drive, across from Minton Place and at Rivercourt Boulevard.

Instead, northbound buses drop off and pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • in Donlands Station bus terminal,
  • on Donlands Avenue at Glebeholme Boulevard, across from Somers Avenue, at Sammon, Mortimer, Memorial Park and Cosburn Avenues, Plains Road, O’Connor Drive, across from Wolverton Avenue and at Millwood Road.