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New transfer policy for Oakville Transit started July 1

Starting Canada Day, Friday, July 1 Oakville Transit has revised its policy on how passengers can use transfers between buses operating along OT routes and between OT buses and buses operating on neighbouring transit systems.

All transfer are now valid for you to travel in all directions on any route and on any transit system within a two-hour transfer window. The two-hour transfer window starts from the time of that you first board a bus. When the two hours expire, you must pay another fare.

Drivers no longer re-issue transfers to let you travel longer than two hours on a single trip.

For example: you board a Hamilton Street Railway bus, receive a transfer, then travel through Burlington and present an Oakville Transit driver with your HSR transfer. As long as your trip has not lasted longer than two hours, your transfer is still valid and the OT driver will accept it. However, the driver will not issue a new transfer.

You can’t use a MiWay or an Oakville Transit monthly pass to between buses of the two systems. You must ask for a paper transfer from the last bus you board before you transfer to the next system.

For example: you board an Oakville Transit bus operating along the 24 South Common at Sheridan College to travel to the South Common Centre to transfer onto a MiWay bus. When you board at Sheridan, you must present your Oakville Transit monthly pass and ask the driver for a transfer. Keep your tranfer and use it to board the MiWay bus at South Common. The two-hour transfer window starts from the time you boarded at Sheridan.

The new policy makes sure that transit systems process all transfers in the same manner. Brampton Transit, Burlington Transit, the Hamilton Street Railway, MiWay and York Region Transit are all implementing this transfer policy to align all services.