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"Real-time" arrival information for TTC buses starts July 11

The Toronto Star reports that, starting Monday, July 11, you can get TTC real-time, bus-arrival information on line and by text message.

The global positioning system (GPS) will track buses to update the website. has been relaying similar information about TTC streetcars since last year. You can also send a text message with a stop number to receive a return text with the arrival times of the next few buses at the stop.

The text-messaging service will be available for free until at least September. On Wednesday, TTC staff proposed to charge users for texts but the Toronto Transit Commission deferred approving that until its next meeting. The TTC wants to give users two free text messages each day, then charge 15 cents for each text after that.

The next-arrival time system for buses required more time to implement than the streetcar system because the TTC has about 9,300 bus stops. The TTC hasn’t yet posted the number to text on the stops, but it will have a full list of stop numbers on its website.