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Take time to check: Toronto Police, TTC campaign this week
to improve road safety near streetcars and buses

This week, the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Transit Commission are asking you to “take time to check.”

Until Sunday, August 14, police officers and TTC staff are taking part in a joint traffic safety program, “Take Time to Check.” The week-long campaign focuses on education and enforcement efforts for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians taking risks in and around TTC operations.

Every day, TTC operators witness incidents where vehicles fail to stop behind the open doors of a streetcar or people run carelessly onto the roadway to board a bus or streetcar. These actions endanger all road users.

This week, police and parking enforcement officers will be paying particular attention to infractions that impede public transit from moving along streets, including motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians who commit offences near TTC bus stops, streetcar lines, high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and Wheel Trans vehicles.

Operating a safe and effective transit system is vital to the public throughout our city.

This week, and every week, motorists should:

  • be prepared to stop behind a streetcar;
  • stop and do not pass the open doors of a streetcar;
  • watch and be prepared for passengers getting on and off streetcars and buses; and
  • proceed slowly and cautiously once streetcar doors close and the roadway is clear.

This week, and every week, TTC riders should:

  • wait until the streetcar has stopped before entering the roadway;
  • wait until the doors open;
  • watch and prepare for traffic before stepping off; and
  • watch traffic and never assume a driver sees you.