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Carpool to GO to gain access
to free priority parking spaces at four GO stations

GO Transit is exploring ways to improve parking conditions for passengers, including partnering with local transit agencies, installing more bike parking and now, helping riders to share a drive.

In a new pilot project, GO now offers priority carpool parking at four stations — Burlington, East Gwillimbury, Oakville and Whitby.

The prime parking spots will be available by permit-only at Burlington and East Gwillimbury starting Tuesday, August 16 and at Oakville and Whitby, starting Thursday, August 18.

To get a carpool permit, you and your carpool partners must create Carpool Zone accounts at and form a carpool through the online system. Then complete a carpool parking permit application form. (.pdf)

If you are already sharing a ride to your GO station, you can still apply for a carpool parking permit. You and your carpool partners must create Carpool Zone accounts at and form a carpool. Then submit your carpool parking permit application form. (.pdf)

Often, demand for parking spaces at many GO stations exceeds supply. While GO continues to expand parking at some stations, many stations have little or no room for expansion.

The carpool pilot project does not reduce the number of parking spaces but allows more GO passengers to access the station with the same number of spaces. Anyone can use the spaces after 9 a.m. By encouraging people to share rides, GO hopes to decrease the number of cars traveling to its lots and increase the available parking for those who can’t carpool.

The pilot will run for six months, from August until February. The goal of the pilot is to fine-tune the operation and determine the best way to expand carpool parking to other stations. Each station will have at least 10 spaces for carpoolers, although GO may add more, if enough people decide to use the carpool priority spaces.