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Transit agencies revise routes and services,
September 2, 4, 5, 6

At Transit Toronto, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and timeliness. This week, many of the transit agencies we report about are revising their routes and services, mostly increasing service for people returning after summer vacation to workplaces, high schools, colleges and universities.

Unfortunately, our obsession with details has proven to be our downfall… there’s too much going on for us to appropriately record it before it happens. Service changes at the TTC, GO Transit, York Region Transit, Brampton Transit and MiWay are huge and putting together an accurate post requires a lot of work. (We managed to complete the GO Transit post — and had to break it up in three parts.)

We will be detailing the various service changes taking place — but we won’t be doing it until after the long weekend.

If you want information on what’s happening, check out the websites of the various transit services, until we can post our more detailed descriptions later in the week.

Saturday, September 3
Sunday, September 4
Labour Day, Monday, September 5
Tuesday, September 6