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Toronto Transit Commission meets, September 16

The Toronto Transit Commission meets this Friday, September 16 at 8:30 a.m.

The meeting takes place in Committee Room 2, second floor, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

During this special meeting, the Commissioners are primarily discussing TTC staff reports recommending cutting services to help meet a budget shortfall in 2012.

Among other proposals for the operating budget, staff recommend

  • increasing fares, raising the cost to buy adult tokens by ten cents. (Raising fares would add $30 million to the TTC’s budget in 2012.)
  • eliminating more than 300 staff positions. (Fewer staff adds $14 million to the budget.)
  • returning to historical loading standards in rush hours. (In 2008, the TTC operated 89 more buses during rush hours to reduce crowding by 10 percent on all major routes. By reversing this, passengers will experience more crowding and less frequent service on about 50 routes in the system. This will save $9.2-million in annual operating costs, but affect the passengers using the busiest rush-hour routes. As a result, the TTC expects to lose 1.9 million riders and $3.7-million in fare revenue. However, it saves $5.5-million each year.)
  • returning to historical loading standards at other times of the week. (In 2004 and 2005, the TTC improved off-peak service on major routes so that, on average, most passengers would get a seat for their trip. Previously, on routes with service every 10 minutes or better, an average of 20 percent of passengers had to stand. Reverting to this previous standard means less frequent service and more crowding on about 60 routes. This will save $11.7-million in annual operating costs, but loses 1.8 million riders and $3.5 million in fare revenue. However, it saves $8.2-million each year.)
  • disqualifying dialysis patients from using WheelTrans services, saving $5 million.

Among other proposals for the capital budget, staff recommend

  • buying 10 fewer new Toronto Rocket subway trains, saving $161 million over five years.
  • buying 15 fewer new streetcars, saving $70 million.
  • buying 134 fewer new buses, saving $50 million.
  • not building a new facility to store buses (since the TTC is buying fewer buses), saving $23 million.

You can view the staff report on the operating budget here. (.pdf)

You can view the staff report on the capital budget here. (.pdf)

Toronto Transit Commission meetings are public meetings — anyone may attend. If you wish to speak to the Commission about an item on its agenda, e-mail the Co-ordinator — Secretariat Services at: before noon, tomorrow, Thursday, September 15.

You can find out more about making a deputation — or presentation — to the Commission here.

The operating budget deals with the costs for day-to-day operations of the TTC, including wages and benefits for staff.

The capital budget deals with the cost of infrastrucure — for example, buying vehicles, building loops, stations, terminals and rapid transit lines.