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Former Toronto streetcar finds new home near Chicago

Reader John DeLamater e-mailed us to let us know that Kenosha Area Transit in Kenosha, Wisconsin recently bought the TTC’s former A-15 Presidents Conference Committee (PCC) car #4617, which has operated for 15 years at the East Troy Electric Railroad, also in Wisconsin.

Silk Road Transport moved the car from East Troy to Kenosha on Tuesday, October 11. The East Troy railroad had carefully maintained the car and it has been serving passengers in recent years.

Kenosha (just north of Chicago) plans to modify it to match the five A-15 cars they already own and will introduce 4617 into regular service in the future.

Kenosha abandoned its original streetcar network in 1932, but in 2001, opened a new line to serve the HarborPark development on Lake Michigan. Five former Toronto PCC streetcars, which Montreal’s Canadian Car Company assembled in 1951, operate along a 3.2-kilometer (two-mile) line.

Although streetcars currently operating in Kenosha originated with the TTC, Kenosha has painted them in the liveries of prominent transit authorities that also operated PCCs, including the TTC, the Chicago Surface Lines, the Pittsburgh Railways Company, the Johnstown Traction Company and the Cincinnati Street Railway. (Incidentally, similar to Torontonians’ affectionate “red rocket” name for their streetcars, Chicagoans dubbed the Chicago Surface Lines’ cars “green hornets”.)

Car #4617 last rolled along Toronto streets in 1995.

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