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Learn more about plans for Front Street
and Union Station, November 3

Union Station is busy and it is going to get much busier.

The station is the busiest transportation hub in Canada. Every year, it handles more passengers than Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada’s busiest airport. Every business day, it serves more than 165,000 GO Transit passengers, and thousands of TTC and VIA Rail Canada riders. Over the next ten to fifteen years, the City of Toronto expects pedestrian activity at Union Station to double, as GO Transit expands its service. Frequent Air Rail Link trains to Pearson Airport and better TTC services will also increase the number of passengers entering and exiting Union Station.

On Front Street West between Bay Street and York Street, pedestrians outnumber vehicles ten to one during rush hours. To make sure people can cross Front Street safely and efficiently, the City wants to improve the intersections at Bay and York Streets and accommodate pedestrians mid-block. The City also plans to widen and redesign the sidewalks, reorganize how traffic flows and where taxis park, pick up and drop off passengers. Overall, the City aims to create a monumental, functional and attractive civic pedestrian area.

The City is conducting an environmental assessment to study various solutions and design options and wants you to have your say in its plans.

On Thursday, November 3, the City is hosting its second public information centre about its plans, as part of that environmental assessment process. During this event, City staff will present a new design for the street, including:

  • expanding the sidewalk, resulting in more walking space and a grand civic plaza, with wider crosswalks at intersections and lower crossing distances;
  • reducing the traffic lanes two just one wider travel lane in each direction, which both motorists and cyclists would share;
  • introducing a mid-block pedestrian crossing, consisting of a raised section of the roadway spanning the width of the central plaza.
  • removing the larger median planters and replacing them with a smaller median that provides pedestrians with a refuge when crossing the street.

You can drop into the event to view materials and speak one-on-one with members of the project team.

The event takes place:

Thursday, November 3, from 3 until 7 p.m.
Metro Hall,
55 John Street, Room 309

You can learn more about the project here.

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