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York Region residents want region to intervene in strike,
union says

A telephone poll of 2,107 York Region residents on Thursday, November 3 showed that 71 per cent want the Regional Municipality of York to intervene in the nearly three-week old bus strike that affects York Region Transit and Viva services. Only 12 per cent said the Region should not intervene and 17 per cent were undecided.

Members of the Amalgamated Transit (ATU)’s Local 1587 and Local 113 have been on strike against three private companies that supply transit services to much of York Region — First Canada, Miller Transport and York BRT Servicessince Monday, October 24.

The ATU has written to York Regional Chairman Bill Fisch, saying that they will agree to arbitration and end the strike immediately if the companies also agree in writing to submit the dispute to neutral arbitrators.

“The gap between the union and the YRT contractors is too great. There is no resolution in sight. In such circumstances, arbitration is the way to go. It’s a fair process and it will end the strike,” wrote Bob Kinnear, President of ATU Local 113, which represents the York BRT workers, and Ray Doyle, President of ATU Local 1587, which represents the Miller and First Canada workers.

The union also bought full-page ads in two York Region newspapers yesterday, Wednesday, November 10, to publicize the poll and the letter to Fisch.

“We are ready to end the strike today,” said Kinnear. “Chairman Fisch should call the bus companies and demand that they go to arbitration. It’s a fair process and there is no law that prevents him from making that request.”