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Wednesday, December 7 / Thursday, December 8, 2011

Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area media report on public transit issues today.

Greater Toronto Area
  • 680 All News Radio report, “TTC riders could be hit with 15-cent fare hike”, here.
  • 680 All News Radio report, “TTC GM says Scarborough LRT would be completed three years ahead of schedule”, here.
  • BlogTO post, “Scarborough gets the shaft on public transit”, here.
  • Canadian Press article (from the Globe and Mail website), “Striking York Region Transit worker try new tactic to restart contract talks”, here.
  • CBC News Toronto report, “Scarborough transit rebuild to take four to five years”, here.
  • Citytv News Toronto report, “Striking YRT workers ‘occupy’ buses”, here.
  • CP24 report, “Striking YRT workers take revolt onto buses”, here.
  • Ford For Toronto post, “Karen Stintz and Rob Ford’s TTC problem: There are too many riders”, here.
  • Ford For Toronto post, “FAQ for councillors and citizens on the fence about the 2012 budget”, here.
  • Globe and Mail article, “Scarborough SRT to be out of commission for four years”, here.
  • article, “Rail drought in Scarborough to be four years: TTC chief”, here.
  • article, “Drilling to cause lane restrictions”, here.
  • National Post article, “Crosstown transit line may be delayed as Scarborough RT set to close for four years in 2015”, here.
  • Newstalk 1010 report, “15 Cent TTC Fare Hike Being Debated for 2012”, here.
  • Newstalk 1010 report, “TTC not playing Grinch this Christmas”, here.
  • NOW article, “Scarborough gets screwed on transit”, here.
  • NOW article, “The not-so-golden years”, here.
  • OpenFile Toronto post, “Toronto’s transit plan is basically a mess, especially if you live in Scarborough”, here.
  • Torontoist post, “Can the TTC Survive Budget 2012?”, here.
  • Toronto Life’s Daily Informer post, “Transit funding 101: no money, mo’ problems”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Scarborough TTC riders will be stuck with buses for four years”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Higher fare hike could save TTC service”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Service cuts affect low-income areas most”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Both sides of York transit strike ready to return to bargaining”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “Prichard to be named BMO Financial chair”, here.
  • Toronto Star column, “The Fixer: Collapsed wall squeezes pedestrians, bus riders”, here.
  • Toronto Star article, “18-year-old stabbed in the face at subway station”, here.
  • Toronto Sun article, “TTC fare hikes could become the norm”, here.
Elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe