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Weekend events affect transit services, December 9, 10

For the most part, Santa’s staying home at the north pole this weekend, but he’ll make a brief appearance in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, affecting transit services, just a little bit.

This weekend, just three special events — in Guelph, Sunderland village in Brock Township and downtown Toronto — affect transit services.

The events affect these routes:

GO Transit01 Lakeshore West train, 09 Lakeshore East train, 18 Lakeshore West bus, 81 Port Perry / Whitby, 90 Newcastle / Oshawa.

Guelph TransitAll routes.

The Friday, December 9 events affecting transit services is: an Ontario Hockey League game.

The Saturday, December 10 event affecting transit services is: the Sunderland Santa Claus Parade.


See Sunderland


Ontario Hockey League game
All Guelph Transit routes

You can ride any Guelph Transit bus for free on Friday, December 10 to the Guelph Storm game against the Barrie Colts at 7:30 p.m. — if you have a valid ticket to the game. You can ride free of fare to and from the Sleeman Centre on Friday evening after 5 p.m. by simply showing the Guelph Transit driver your game ticket.


Sunderland Santa Claus Parade

The Township of Brock is closing

  • River Street and
  • Albert Street

in the village of Sunderland on Saturday evening to accommodate the annual parade.

GO Transit is detouring buses during the event.

81 Port Perry / Whitby

(GO has not confirmed this detour information. This post describes how it detoured buses during previous events in Sunderland.)

The northbound bus that leaves Whitby GO Station at 5:06 p.m. on Saturday, December 11 operates along its regular route to Highway 12 and Albert Street South, then detours:

northward along Albert Street South to Sunderland Elementary School,
turning around through the school driveway; then
southward along Albert; and then
northward along Highway 12 to River Street,
resuming their regular route northward along Highway 12.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

After the UFC fight this Saturday, December 10, GO Transit is operating one extra late-night trip in either direction from Union Station along the Lakeshore corridor. The two extra trains leave Union about 30 minutes after the end of the event so spectators have enough time to get from the Air Canada Centre to their train.

09 Lakeshore East train

About 30 minutes after the fight ends, GO is operating an eastbound train, serving all stations to Oshawa GO Station. An eastbound bus operating along the 91 Newcastle / Oshawa route meets the train in Oshawa.

01 Lakeshore West train

About 30 minutes after the fight ends, GO is operating a westbound train, serving all stations to Aldershot GO Station. A westbound bus operating along the 18 Lakeshore West bus route meets the train in Aldershot.

18 Lakeshore West bus

A westbound bus waits at Aldershot GO Station to meet the special UFC 01 Lakeshore West train and carry passengers further west to the Hamilton GO Centre.

90 Newcastle / Oshawa

An eastbound bus waits at Oshawa GO Station to meet the special UFC 09 Lakeshore East train eastbound** train and carry passengers further east to Bowmanville and Newcastle.