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City Council approves light rail transit for Sheppard

Today, Thursday, March 22, Toronto City Council approved a plan to build light rail transit along Sheppard Avenue East in the centre lanes of the roadway between Don Mills Station and Morningside Avenue.

By a vote of 24 to 19, Council rejected Mayor Rob Ford’s dream of extending the TTC’s current 4 Sheppard subway eastward to Scarborough Centre.

During the meeting, Mayor Ford yelled at Councillors: “People hate the St. Clair. They hate these streetcars. You can call them what you want. People want subways, folks. Subways, subways. They don’t want these damn streetcars blocking up our city.”

City Council also asked City staff to examines ways that the City could fund future transit expansion, without relying on the federal and provincial governments.

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