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More detours at York University for GO and TTC buses
during subway construction, June 12 to July 30

TTC contractors continue working on the project to extend the 1 Yonge - University - Spadina subway beyond Downsview Station to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

Temp-york u  traffic-Diversiion starting 06-12-12.jpgStarting Tuesday, June 12, York University is closing the bus-only access road into the Harry W. Arthurs Common on the Keele Campus. Closing the roadway allows the contractors to build a bridge across the site where they will be digging out the future York University Station. The University plans to reopen the road Monday, July 30. During these two months, both TTC and GO Transit will temporarily detour buses operating through the campus.

Every day during the work, from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., “paid-duty” Toronto Police Service officers will make sure that both pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows safely at the intersections of The Pond Road with Ian Macdonald Boulevard and James Gillies Street. The contractors will station flag persons at the two ends of the bus-only access road to direct buses to the diversion route. Due to the temporary bus diversion, traffic will increase along this route. The traffic congestion and the bus detours may also delay bus service, especially during rush hours.

TTC and GO buses entering the campus along York Boulevard detour:

southward along James Gillies Street;
westward along The Pond Road; and then
northward along Ian Macdonald Boulevard to the Common.

Buses exiting the campus from the Common reverse the detour routing.

The detour affects TTC buses operating along the 35E Jane express, 41 Keele, 41E Keele express, 60B Steeles West, 107 Keele North and 196 York University rocket routes.

It affects GO buses operating along the 45 Mississauga / York U, 46 Oakville / York U, 47 Hamilton / York U, 48 Guelph / York U, 51 Pickering / York U, 52 Oshawa / York U and 54 Markham / York U routes.

Although TTC buses serving the 106 York University route do not operate along York Boulevard, they’ll also be detouring. Buses heading to the Common operate along their regular route to Ian Macdonald Boulevard and the temporary bus access roadway, then proceed:

east- and southward along the bus access roadway;
southward along James Gillies Street;
westward along The Pond Road; and then
northward along Ian Macdonald Boulevard to the Harry W. Arthurs Common.

Buses leaving the Common operate along their regular route.

Although Brampton Transit and York Region Transit buses continue to detour through the campus, this phase of the project does not further affect BT and YRT service.

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