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"Expect delays..."

At Transit Toronto, we don’t often reveal details about ourselves. This is [mostly] an information blog, not an opinion blog or a look at what’s going on in our personal lives.

But, for the past two months, we’ve been getting ready to pack up all our belongings and move to a new location — after more than 25 years of living in the same place. Since we’re also the ‘super’ of the building we live in now and since, for a variety of reasons, the landlord is unable to help, this task has overwhelmed us. We’ve been responsible for removing the landlord’s own ample possessions as well as our own and also making sure all tenants leave by the end of the month.

The outcome is that this blog hasn’t been as up-to-date as it usually is. And, since today is moving day, but internet access in the new place isn’t available until late tomorrow, you can expect delays in the information that appears here: this is the last update to this blog until early Tuesday, November 27.

On the other hand, while packing up, we also unearthed a treasure trove of “transit porn” — we mean maps, schedules, ads and brochures. Much of this material eventually will appear elsewhere on this website!