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TTC dismisses eight transit enforcement officers;
five face criminal charges

The Toronto Transit Commission and Toronto Police Service have been investigating the activities of several TTC employees during the past four months. The investigation culminated today, when the TTC dismissed eight of its transit enforcement officers and Toronto Police officers, in turn, arrested five of them. The five face numerous charges of attempting to obstruct justice and fabricating evidence.

The charges allege that the five transit officers submitted false provincial offences tickets to “individuals of no fixed address” (homeless people) for offenses such as solicitation on TTC property or panhandling, loitering or trespassing. The police and TTC gathered evidence alleging that the officers in question were not where they said they were when they issued these tickets.

The Toronto Star’s transportation reporter, Tess Kalinowski explains:

“[Today]… the TTC… fired eight of its 40 transit enforcement officers.

“Five of them have been arrested and charged in connection with an alleged fake fines scheme designed to make it look like they were working when they weren’t.

“The TTC employees, including a sergeant in a supervisory position, were dismissed and charged on Tuesday following a joint investigation with Toronto police.

”’(The officers) would show up for work, they were in uniform, they would be in their vehicles, but they would not be where they said they were,’ said TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

“He would not say where the officers were or what they were doing when they were supposed to be working.”

The men never served the false tickets on the people that the tickets named. Therefore no-one paid any fines. The TTC, however, will cancel all falsified tickets and make sure those whose names appear on the tickets face no future prosecution for failing to pay these specific fines.

As the investigation proceeded, TTC investigators and police also uncovered misconduct by three other transit enforcement officers. While there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, the misconduct resulted today in the TTC terminating, with cause, the employment of those officers.

The TTC will now undertake a review, with the help of its internal audit group, to enhance or strengthen controls and procedures already in place around the issuing of provincial offences tickets.

These men each face charges of attempt to obstruct justice and fabricate evidence:

  • Michael Schmidt, 44, of Barrie - two counts of each;
  • Tony Catic, 45, of Oakville - two counts of each;
  • John Posthumus, 44, of Toronto - three counts of each;
  • Jamie Greenbank, 48, of Milton - one count of each; and
  • Neil Malik, 38, of Ajax - one count of each
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