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Rapidway construction on north side of Keith Bridge,
starting February 14

Metrolinx and York Region contractors continue the project to build a rapidway — bus-only lanes in the centre of the roadway — along Davis Drive in Newmarket.

As part of the project, contractors are widening the Keith Bridge across the Holland River. They finished working on the south side of the bridge late last year and now they’re ready to rebuild the north side.

Keith bridge construction - feb-13.jpg

Starting today, Thursday, February 14 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day, and and continue for about a year until February, 2014, crews will be:

  • installing netting under the bridge to protect the river from debris;
  • breaking and saw-cutting the guardrail;
  • saw-cutting, dismantling and removing the north side of the bridge structure, piece by piece;
  • cleaning up around the water;
  • building the bridge footings, substructure and the deck of the new north side of the bridge and connecting it with the south side.

During this work, they’ll reduce access to The Tannery to just one entrance lane and two exit lanes. They’ll continue to force all traffic to shift to the new south side of the bridge and continue to block the sidewalk on the north side of Davis Drive between Superior Street and Prospect Street.

Tom Taylor Trail users must obey the instructions on detour signs when crossing Davis Drive. Use the western crosswalk to cross the street before rejoining the trail.

Expect significant dust, noise and vibration disturbances around the work areas.

GO Transit passengers riding express buses operating along the 65 Newmarket / Toronto route and York Region Transit buses operating along the 50 Queensway, 54 Bayview, 55 Davis Drive, 58A Leslie via Mount Albert and 520 / 521 Newmarket community bus routes should expect delays.