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DRT revises routes and services, April 29

Durham Region Transit is revising a route in Pickering starting Monday, April 29. Also, Tuesday, April 30 is the last day that DRT operates buses along one of its routes into rural Clarington.

DRT is revising service along these routes: 110 Central Pickering counterclockwise; and 505 Mitchells Corners

Specifically, DRT is: canceling a route; and revising the path of a route.

Canceling a route

505 Mitchells Corners

Tuesday, April 23 was the last day that Durham Region Transit operates buses along the 505 Mitchell Corners route.

DRT launched the Tuesday-only service, linking Bowmanville and Courtice to the villages of Mitchell’s Corners, Solina and Hampton, Tuesday, November 20.

DRT continues to operate buses to other parts of rural Clarington, including the 503 Orono / Newcastle route Tuesdays and Thursdays and the 504 Wilmot Creek route Mondays and Thursdays.

Revising the path of a current route

110 Central Pickering

Starting Monday, April 29, DRT revises the route so that buses no longer operate along Liverpool Road south north of Pickering Parkway, along Kingston Road between Liverpool and Glenanna Drive, along Glenanna between Kingston and the Esplanade North.

Instead, buses operate along their regular route to Liverpool Road South and Pickering Parkway, then proceed:

eastward along Pickering;
northward along Glenanna Drive;
eastward along the Esplanade North; and then
southward along Valley Farm Road South to Pickering,
resuming their regular route eastward along Pickering.

(The buses now reverse the route of the 110A Central Pickering clockwise route in the area of the Pickering Town Centre.)

DRT can now operate buses in both directions along the Esplanade North since the City of Pickering recently revised parking regulations along that street.