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Commuter woes continue due to extreme cold

In addition to delays on Toronto’s streetcar routes, the cold snap caused by the polar vortex passing through the region today has disrupted many commuters schedules throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Frozen track switches and other mechanical difficulties threw train schedules into disarray on most GO Transit routes. The Scarborough RT appears to have had a failure of its computer control equipment, and its trains are being operated manually, leading to delays. As for the buses, there are numerous delays from slick road conditions, frozen doors, and general traffic disruption. The roads can not be salted in many places, as the temperature is just too cold for the salt to do anything other than to sit on the surface.

Cold conditions will continue into the afternoon rush hour and into the night. Tomorrow is forecast to be slightly warmer than today, and conditions will warm up to a near thaw before the weekend. In the meantime, commuters should expect delays and leave themselves more time to get where they are going. Also, consult the service alert accounts listed in the top left corner of the main page of this site.