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Buses replace subway, March 15: Lawrence West to St. Clair West

St_Clair_West_to_Law1.jpgTTC crews are replacing the tracks along the 1 Yonge - University - Spadina subway line this Saturday between Lawrence West and St. Clair West Stations.

All day Saturday, March 15, trains serving the line operate between Downsview and Lawrence West Stations and between Finch and St. Clair West Stations. All trains turn back at Lawrence West and St. Clair West Stations.

Frequent, accessible buses operate between Lawrence West and St Clair West Stations, stopping at Glencairn Station. Due to traffic congestion resulting from construction of the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line near Eglinton Avenue West and William R. Allen Road, shuttle buses will not serve Eglinton West Station. Passengers wishing to travel to the area near Eglinton West Station should travel on buses operating along the 32 Eglinton West bus. You can transfer between the shuttle buses and buses serving the 32 Eglinton West route at Bathurst Street and Eglinton Avenue West.

Southbound buses start their trips in Lawrence West Station bus terminal, then proceed:

westward along Lawrence Avenue West;
southward along Marlee Avenue;
eastward along Glencairn Avenue, stopping beside the entrance to Glencairn Station,
southward along Bathurst Street; and then
eastward along St. Clair Avenue West into St. Clair West Station terminal,
ending their trips.

Northbound buses reverse the southbound routing.

The TTC will assign Wheel-Trans vehicles to help passengers who need an accessible station to board the subway or buses. Stations with elevators include St. George, Eglinton West and Downsview Stations.