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Queens Quay track construction
continues March 17

TTC crews continue rebuilding the streetcar tracks on Queens Quay West, as part of Waterfront Toronto’s project to upgrade the streetscape.

This week, contractors have scheduled a minor traffic lane shift for Queens Quay:

  • West of Bay Street to York Street: Westbound traffic shifts from the north to the south lanes, past the Bay Street Portal.

Crews have started to get ready for rebuilding the TTC tracks. This week, crews will begin saw-cutting to remove the asphalt road surface at Lower Simcoe Street.

Crews continue installing the foundations for poles to support the TTC’s overhead wires, street lights and signals:

  • Between Bay and Rees Streets: Crews will be saw-cutting and drilling test pits in several locations for the remaining streetlight, traffic and TTC pole foundations in these blocks.
  • Between 401 Queens Quay West and Yo Yo Ma Lane: Crews continue to excavate for the foundations and beams that will be cantilevers for the poles in this area.

Saturday, March 22, Eastern Construction (Varcon) will have three crews working at:

  • the intersection of Queens Quay West with Rees Street;
  • the west side of the entrance to the Rees Street parking lot; and
  • the west side of the Spadina WaveDeck.

Crews will work from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.


  • crews continue to prepare to rebuild of the TTC right of way at Lower Simcoe Street.
  • crews continue to install TTC poles, catch basins and utility access portals (“manholes”) between Lower Spadina Avenue and Yo Yo Ma Lane.

The TTC continues to replace streetcars operating along the 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina routes with buses during this project.

Source: WATERFRONToronto