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Godzilla 1. Subway car 0

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen to our transit system (not to mention the entire city) if a giant mutant monster ever decided to attack Toronto, take a trip downtown to Yonge and Elm Street over the next few days.

A marketing stunt for the upcoming Warner Brothers flick, Godzilla, features a heavily damaged, full-sized subway car jutting out from the road, with giant claw marks on a building nearby, suggesting something wicked — and big — may have visited recently.

The film’s producers worked with a Toronto-based marketing firm and the Toronto Film, Television and Digital Media Office to help place the eye-catching installation to promote the film, which shows up in local theatres, starting tomorrow, Friday, May 16.

And, Transit Toronto readers will be interested to know that that’s former TTC H6 car #5824 making a special guest appearance as the ruined subway car.

According to BlogTO, “Patrick Little from Juxta Productions, an advertising studio that specializes in constructing complex sets… says his company purchased the retired car for the value of its scrap aluminum shell.

“‘It was cut in half in Hamilton and the bogies and steel wheels were removed, which reduced the weight substantially,’ he says. ‘It was then shipped by wide load - it’s exactly 10 feet wide - to Picture Vehicle Specialties in Scarborough. They hoisted it from the flatbed and cut it into a triangular shape so it can sit flat on the ground.’

“The chunks of movie concrete arranged around the base are made of painted wood and foam.

Gareth Edwards, the director of Godzilla, and some of the cast will be appearing at the disaster scene tonight [May 15], ahead of the movie’s premier at the Yonge-Dundas IMAX. Destruction enthusiasts will be allowed to pose with the wreckage until Sunday [May 18], when the whole thing will be dismantled.”


Lorna Silveira sent us this view of the installation — starring the TTC’s old number 5824 — at Yonge and Elm.

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